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Family law issues can be extraordinarily sensitive matters. They can change your life and the lives of your loved ones in an instant, and can significantly affect your future and your family’s future. If you are facing a family law matter of any kind, be it divorce, child custody or support, an annulment, or a prenuptial agreement, it is absolutely imperative that you have someone on your side with the skills and resources to passionately advocate for the best interests of you and your family. At Zeltser Law, we take each of our family law cases seriously and provide compassionate, caring legal support from the beginning of the case to the final verdict.


Child Custody

Child custody is perhaps the most challenging of all family law issues. A child custody determination affects both the parents and the child in a significant way, and the child’s immediate environment and parental support has the power to shape their future. At the Zeltser Law Group, we believe you know what is best for your child, however, we also know that New York courts don’t always issue the best verdict. Our job as your attorney is to help you gather critical evidence and information that will present your case in the best possible light. We will zealously protect your parental rights and work tirelessly to secure the most positive outcome possible for you and your family.


Temporary Child Custody

In most divorce cases, temporary custody must be awarded in order to secure an arrangement for a child while the divorce is pending. While these temporary orders can be changed at the final divorce hearing, it is rare that a judge will do so in fear of disrupting the circumstances that the child has become accustomed to during the divorce. More often than not, a permanent custody order is issued that directly mirrors the temporary order. This is why it is so important to have adequate legal representation in a temporary custody case. At the Zeltser Law Group, we will fight to have a temporary order issued that is in your favor, since most likely, that same order will become permanent later on when the divorce is finalized.


Child Support

Child support can be a delicate issue in New York. Many parents who are being asked to pay child support are afraid that they will be required to pay more than they can afford, while those who are petitioning for child support are afraid that they will not receive enough funds to cover the expenses of caring for a child. At the Zeltser Law Group, we have represented clients on both sides of the child support issue and can provide you with expertise and resources needed to petition the court for the best possible outcome.



Sometimes, a marriage just shouldn’t have taken place and getting a divorce seems like it is more than what is necessary to dissolve a marital union. In cases where one or both parties were intoxicated at the time of the marriage, or one party was already married to another person, it may make more sense to seek an annulment — an agreement where the marriage is dissolved and recorded as though it never took place at all. There are many different grounds for an annulment in New York. If you are married and are considering getting an annulment, don’t hesitate to speak to an experienced family lawyer at the Zeltser Law Group. We can provide you with comprehensive legal representation.



Adopting a child is both an exciting and frightening time. The red tape associated with adoptions is often overwhelming for parents-to-be and in some cases, may discourage parents from following through with the entire process. Whether you are interested in a domestic or an international adoption, it is critical to the success of your plans to consult with an attorney who has significant experience in both open and closed adoptions. At the Zeltser Law Group, we can help you gather all the necessary documentation and information needed to go through with an adoption, and we will counsel and guide you through each step of the process.


Contracts & Agreements

Sometimes resolving a difficult family law matter takes nothing more than drawing up a legal contract or an agreement. However, since legal contracts are binding, it is important that you have a skilled lawyer on your side to help you draw up a contract with terms in your favor. The attorneys at the Zeltser Law Group will help you create a new contract or will thoroughly review your existing contract and will make suggestions for changes that would be beneficial to you before you sign. Remember that without an experienced family law attorney by your side, you could sign a document that costs you time and money, or puts your future and the future of your loved ones in jeopardy.


Often, when a couple decides to separate, it makes more sense to stay legally married. For example, remaining legally married may have the benefit of continuing health insurance, pensions, and retirement benefits. In cases where couples aren’t sure if they want to go through with a divorce but need time to think it over, a legal separation provides that break without completely dissolving the marriage. It will be much easier to go back to a married state if the couple so chooses. At the Zeltser Law Group, we can help you review your circumstances and determine if a legal separation is the best course of action in your unique situation.


Contested Divorce

A contested divorce happens when one party files for a divorce and the other party disagrees with the divorce itself, or both parties disagree on some aspect of the divorce, like child custody or property division. A contested divorce can be lengthy and expensive, and without zealous legal support on your side, you could stand to lose a lot. At the Zeltser Law Group, we are passionate, aggressive divorce lawyers with experience in utilizing a variety of strategies that will benefit our client. We will tirelessly advocate for your rights, and when necessary, we will pursue litigation and the best possible outcome for you.


Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce happens when both parties agree on the divorce, as well as the various aspects of the divorce. In order to have an uncontested divorce, both parties must agree on all aspects. In cases where both parties would like to avoid litigation but have some compromises to make, mediation can be a valuable tool. At the Zeltser Law Group, our seasoned family lawyers have significant experience working with uncontested divorces and can provide you the legal support you need to ensure that you reach an outcome that is beneficial to both you and your family.


Enforcing Court Orders

When you get a divorce or the judge makes a determination on a matter like child support or property division, a court order will be issued. Both parties must abide by the court’s order and failure to do so may result in significant legal penalties. However, this does not stop many people from ignoring court orders, especially in cases of child custody and support. For example, a parent may not take their scheduled visitation time because it is inconvenient for them, or they may refuse to pay the ordered amount of child support because they believe they cannot afford it. If you are involved in a situation where a party is not abiding by a court order, you do have legal options. The lawyers at the Zeltser Law Group can help you bring forward a case against the person who is neglecting the order and compel them to abide by it.


Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Although a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is often considered by society as “unromantic,” the fact of the matter remains that entering into a marriage involves a significant financial aspect and drawing up a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is simply a smart way to protect yourself and your assets in the event of a divorce. It does not mean that you are planning to get a divorce later on or that you do not love your partner. If you are entering into a marriage or have recently entered into a marriage, it is critical that you explore how a prenuptial agreement can protect you, and even your partner, in the event that things go south. At the Zeltser Law Group, we have sufficient experience with both prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and can help you create documentation that is designed to protect you in any circumstance.



In some cases, it is critical to legally prove the paternity of a child. For example, the paternity of a child may come into question in child support or child custody cases, and either the father or the mother will need to establish paternity in order to pursue their case. However, not all forms of paternity testing are admissible into a New York court of law. At the Zeltser Law Group, we can help you obtain trusted paternity testing from a reputable lab that can be used as evidence in court to prove your case.

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